One Viewer, Doing the Work of Five Without Transcoding - from a Lifeboat

Randy Mills has been a digital imaging technician and editor for over 15 years traveling the world. He's worked with production companies like TNT's "72 Hours" and National Geographic Channel's "Ultimate Survival Alaska." He's also the editor for Theory Studios, an online animation studio which produces short cartoons and VFX.

Not long ago he was working with Catalina Entertainment on the National Geographic Channel show "The Raft", shooting quite literally, in the middle of the ocean! Mills was assigned to create a data-management workflow for Canon XF-105, Canon 5D, Sony PMW-200, and GoPro video cameras, Fujinon point-and-shoot cameras; and Sound Devices 664 field production mixers for audio recording. The show replicated the challenges someone might endure when stranded on a life raft in the middle of the ocean after a disaster.

Production was done 24 hours a day shooting two rafts at the same time. The crews were anywhere from two to four hours apart and Mills was on a boat that went back and forth between the two crews. Part of his responsibilities were to collect the media; ShotPut Pro and HD-VU were helpful in offloading and viewing these once in a lifetime shots. He was able to view, duplicate and deliver over 48 terabytes of video footage without any loss of data.

Mills has used Imagine Products applications for years and was confident in both ShotPut Pro and HD-VU. He keeps coming back because of the quality of the applications and the customer support he receives. "Not only can I count on the software to work when I need it most, but I can't tell you how refreshing it is to send an email to the support team and get an answer the same day - often from President Dan Montgomery himself! It feels good to use a product that the president of the company stands behind and supports so positively and wholeheartedly. The bottom line is this: HD-VU is dependable and fast. It has cut down the time it takes to process large amounts of video data, allowing me more time to do quality control and handle productions requests. I have tried just about every other data-management solution on the market today, and I always come back to HD-VU and ShotPut Pro. The ease of use and reliability of this software can't be beat." Read more.